Three Vintage Carry On Bags for Travelling in Sustainable Style


One of my favorite parts of travelling is packing; bear with me here. While I don’t relish putting together my bigger suitcase or bag (which I always check), setting up my carry on, whether it’s for a long train voyage or a shorter (but more stressful) plane flight, is good fun. I save up copies of Elle, Monocle, and the New Yorker, carefully choose at least two books – yes I still read on paper – and ensure I have enough moisturizer, facial spritz, hand wipes, lip balm, healthy snacks and podcasts loaded on my phone. It’s fun to pack it all in there, the minimum number and quantity of items that one needs immediately while voyaging.

One thing that has eluded me thus far is the perfect bag in which to keep everything. Etsy seems to be the ideal place to start any bag-finding expedition, and I found some lovely ones made from vintage leather, fabric, and veggie-tanned leather.

The Glorianne, above, by Leonie Saliba, is like an extra-giant handbag, which makes it kind of a fun piece, as well as being practical. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, it’s plenty big enough for a laptop and much more.


The African mudcloth travel bag from Etsy seller missprettyperfect is made of a soft material, in the traditional African colors and style (you can read all about the design and how it was put together on the seller’s blog). Handmade and fully lined, it looks like this bag could well double as a pillow, which of course is perfect for travelling.


This vintage leather bag from Salvage Life is just the most beautiful color and style. Absolutely classic and would go with anything/everything.