The Best Ethical Travel Instagram Feeds

I’m a huge Instagram fan (follow me here if you like—the aerial shot of the Golden Gate Bridge below is one of mine). Most days, it seems like there’s no better format for travel inspiration.

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Travel is, for me, about really experiencing a place—especially its natural areas and unique plants, animals and insects. So obviously, I LOVE those travel Instagram feeds that reflect the natural beauty of out-of-the-way and well-known destinations.

Forthwith, some of my fave travel Instagrammers that celebrate the planet’s gorgeousness, from urban to wilderness:

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Eric Muhr is a fine-art photographer who takes his shots using natural light. He also runs Idaho Explored and Oregon Explored Instagram feeds and has an incredible eye for nature’s loveliness.

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The Lion and the Lady features photos from a duo dedicated to “roving about South Africa”; you might be surprised at the incredible beauty of this southernmost African country—I was.

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Anna Brones is the author of “The Culinary Cyclist” based in Paris, where she cooks and eats delicious local foods, runs and (shocker) cycles quite a bit, both in France and on jaunts out of town.

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Oregon Explored includes hundreds of incredibly beautiful user-submitted shots from the beaver state (I’ve been submitting during the time I have been living in Oregon). I love that each image gives detail about the place shot and the photographer.

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Earthheiress is the artist Asher Jay’s handle on Instagram, and though she’s a newer member of the platform, her travels (and art) dedicated to saving animals and their habitat (she’s a National Geographic fellow) are unparalleled.

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Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a beautiful new travel magazine, and their Instagram feed, like Oregon Explored, is made up of user-submitted images, but these are from around the world (and with a large and dedicated following, including many professional photographers, these images are top-notch).

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Abigail Doan is a fiber artist and designer based in Bulgaria and NYC. With an eye for light, pattern and detail, her feed, lostinfiber is heavily influenced by art and design, but almost always includes space/place detail and natural observations too.

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NicaTravel highlights the incredible diversity—from hiking in forests to the many beachfront beauty spots—of this small, but rich country.