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Starre Vartan, Founder and Editor of Eco Chick and Eco Chick Escapes, off Eagle Beach in Aruba


Eco Chick Escapes, the sister site to Eco-chick.com, is written by women, for women who are looking for amazing adventures, chill beach vacays, or even great locavore food in your fave city. Founded by Starre Vartan, a veteran traveler, environmental expert and ethical adventurer, Eco Chick Escapes is all about finding the travel adventure in your own life.

The term ‘adventure’ has different connotations for different people, and in this post – Eat, Pray, Love world, it can be of the mind, body or spirit. For some (like Starre), this can mean jumping off cliffs into tidal Pacific blowholes, or bushwhacking to find some legendary natural steam caves. For others, it can mean going inside to tackle matters of the heart, or trying something new (from getting on a boat for the first time, to one’s first overnight backpack to an all-natural facial).

The resources you will find here are all vetted by Starre, who has been writing about and living green for almost a decade (check out her book, The Eco Chick Guide to Life, available at all major bookstores). Some are supergreen, and some are more conventional and making sustainable strides, but this is a greenwashing-free zone, which means that only properties, restaurants, products and services that are truly eco friendly or ethical will be included.

If you have found yourself with unused vacation days at the end of the year, lamenting the idea of another ‘staycation’, this site is for you. If you love to travel, and are looking for some ideas for new places to go, this site is also for you. If you like to surf around the Web, and are looking for some ‘take me away’ stories, this site is for you too (dreaming is one of the most important parts of life!) But mostly, if you are a woman who wants to see more of the world – period – this site is for you!


Email is the best way to contact one of the writers at Eco-Chick Escapes. If you have a pressing inquiry, please contact founder and editor Starre Vartan and she will do her best to help you out.

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