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Saturday, March 2, 2013

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As Cuts Arrive, Parties Pledge to Call Off the Budget Wars

As a deal to break a budget impasse failed to emerge on Friday, both the president and his Republican adversaries said they would not carry the fight over the cuts into the coming effort to finance the government.

Michigan Naming Fiscal Manager to Help Detroit

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan announced on Friday that the city of Detroit is so snarled in financial woes that the state must appoint an emergency manager to lead it out of disaster.

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A Divide on Voting Rights in a Town Where Blood Spilled

McComb, Miss., was a battleground in the war for voting rights in the South. Residents disagree over whether their state and eight others need federal approval for changes.

Way to Reach Kim Jong-un? Follow the Ball

Dennis Rodman and his traveling companions are now the only Americans known to have met the North Korean leader since he took power more than a year ago.

The Price of Ivory

From Elephants’ Mouths, an Illicit Trail to China

Trade in elephant tusks continues to thrive in China, even as conservation groups call on Beijing to do more to crack down on the slaughter of African elephants.

Outside Box, Federal Judges Offer Addicts a Free Path

In federal courts in eight states including New York, “drug courts” for some defendants in nonviolent crimes have been embraced by a judiciary bristling at rigid sentencing guidelines.

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"The Chinese hold the key to the elephants’ future. If things continue the way they are, many countries could lose their elephants altogether."
IAIN DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, founder of Save the Elephants.




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