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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Kevin McNamara, 44, switched to a vegan diet after bypass surgery last year to open two blocked arteries, but they have never been rigorously tested for their impact.
Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times

Kevin McNamara, 44, switched to a vegan diet after bypass surgery last year to open two blocked arteries, but they have never been rigorously tested for their impact.

A study has infused the field of cardiovascular medicine with optimism, as scientists are calling for similarly rigorous studies of other popular diets.

Questions Emerge About the Mold That Hurricane Sandy Left Behind

How to best tackle the problem of mold in homes flooded by the storm is a subject of debate in New York.

England Develops a Voracious Appetite for a New Diet

The British are embracing a weight-loss plan that involves five days of eating and drinking whatever you want, and fasting for two days a week.

Outside Box, Federal Judges Offer Addicts a Free Path

In federal courts in eight states including New York, “drug courts” for some defendants in nonviolent crimes have been embraced by a judiciary bristling at rigid sentencing guidelines.

5 Disorders Share Genetic Risk Factors, Study Finds

A large genetic study has identified common glitches involved in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, major depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Doctor and Patient

Why Failing Med Students Don’t Get Failing Grades

Good doctoring is easy to recognize but difficult to quantify.

Dismissing Her Critics, Mrs. Obama Forges Ahead

Michelle Obama said she kept her perspective on a life in the spotlight as she promoted a physical education initiative for children.

Think Like a Doctor

The Man Who Wobbled

Can you solve the medical mystery of a middle-aged man with panic attacks and dizziness?

Study Sees More Breast Cancer at Young Age

Statistics show that the number of women ages 25 to 39 with advanced breast cancer has increased slightly over the last 30 years, but researchers said the finding still needs to be verified.

Recipes for Health

Leek Quiche

Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

A lighter version of a Flemish classic.

Arkansas Law Restricts When Abortion May Occur

After a measure outlawing most abortions after 20 weeks was vetoed by the state’s governor, lawmakers overrode the veto.

Jane C. Wright, Pioneering Oncologist, Dies at 93

As a black woman, Dr. Wright was an unusual presence in medical institutions, but she said she never felt she was a victim of racial prejudice.

Japan to Begin Restarting Idled Nuclear Plants, Leader Says

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan will restart its nuclear plants that pass new safety standards, which are expected to be adopted as early as July.


Mylan Buys Drug Maker of Generic Injectables

Mylan is acquiring Agila Specialties Private, an Indian manufacturer, for $1.6 billion in a deal that doubles Mylan’s presence in the injectable-drug market.

Mediterranean Diet Shown to Ward Off Heart Attack and Stroke

Until now, evidence that the Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of heart disease was weak, and some experts had been skeptical that the effect of diet could be detected.

The Weekly Health Quiz

In the news: The Mediterranean diet, housework and annoying songs. Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

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Question Mark

Why Have I Gone From ‘Fat Talk’ to ‘Old Talk’?

People who spend a lot of time lamenting their aging bodies may have a problem that can lead to depression and eating disorders.

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Ask an Expert

What Should Be Done About Hearing Loss?

Questions about hearing are answered by this week’s expert, Dr. Neil J. DiSarno of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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Personal Health

Too Many Pills in Pregnancy

Doctors are concerned as studies find more women take medications during their pregnancies, including in the first trimester, when fetal organs are forming.


The Claim: Annoying Songs Get Stuck in Our Heads

A study found that the music people most often could not get out of their heads were songs they knew and liked (at least at first).

Podcast: Science Times

New science on a wise old bird, John Markoff on an effort to map the brain, and Nicholas Wade on Francis Crick’s letter to his son.

  Through Owl Eyes; Pushing to Map the Mind; DNA Discovery in Crick’s Cursive

Interactive Feature: Training Tool

Get ready for your 5K, 10K or marathon day with customized running plans that help you track your training.

The Well Flu Quiz

What surface is the most friendly to the flu virus? Where’s the best place to stand when you’re talking to a sick person? To find out these answers and more, take the Well Flu Quiz.


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