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Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Emily Leitch of Brooklyn, with her son, Nazir, 4, was arrested for importing cocaine but went to “drug court” to avoid prison.
Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Emily Leitch of Brooklyn, with her son, Nazir, 4, was arrested for importing cocaine but went to “drug court” to avoid prison.

In federal courts in eight states including New York, “drug courts” for some defendants in nonviolent crimes have been embraced by a judiciary bristling at rigid sentencing guidelines.

Questions Emerge About the Mold That Hurricane Sandy Left Behind

How to best tackle the problem of mold in homes flooded by the storm is a subject of debate in New York.

Cheers in Brooklyn as Storm-Struck Grocery Store Returns

Fairway, seen as the key to the Red Hook neighborhood’s rebirth, opened Friday for the first time since Hurricane Sandy.

Save That MetroCard! A New One Will Now Cost $1

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is adding a surcharge for the purchase of a new card, a move that transit officials predict will lead riders to refill their existing passes.

Guard Said She Was at Post Before Truck Killed Boy, 6

Flavia Roman is unlikely to face criminal charges but may face administrative charges for not being at her post when Amar Diarrassouba was hit.

City Room

Using Walls to Talk Back to Unwelcome ‘Compliments’

A Brooklyn artist has plastered her borough with posters carrying messages like “My name is not baby” and “Stop telling women to smile” because, she said, “These things make you feel like your body isn’t yours.”

Former Dot-com Millionaire Guilty of Selling Drugs

Thirteen years ago, Jennifer Sultan and her colleagues sold a technology company for $70 million; on Friday, she got a four-year sentence for selling oxycodone and conspiring to sell a gun.

Officer Stabbed in Head in ’12 Gets Praise and a Promotion

The police commissioner said Detective Eder Loor’s courage “reflects proudly on every member of this department.”

City Room

An Insurgent Parade for St. Patrick’s Day Comes Into Its Own

The event, established in Queens in 2000 to include gay groups excluded from other St. Patrick’s Day parades, now draws elected officials and candidates.

License for Operator of Chinatown Buses Is Pulled

The action by the Department of Transportation may signal an end to the Fung Wah bus service between Manhattan and Boston.

Judge Rejects Effort to Allow Sports Betting in New Jersey

State officials expect to appeal a ruling by Michael Shipp of District Court in Newark upholding a 21-year-old prohibition.

Ruses Used by F.B.I. Are Recounted in Cannibal Case

The authorities lied to Officer Gilberto Valle to get him to step out into the hallway of his apartment complex, and at least once while they were interrogating him, a federal agent testified.

Safety Board Calls Copter in East River Crash Overloaded

Investigators reported that the pilot was expecting fewer passengers.

Crime Scene

Testimony Outlines Workday of Officer Accused of Grisly Plot

Gilberto Valle’s supervisor was asked on the witness stand about his job description, his access to equipment, his routine and even his meal preferences.

Metropolitan | The New York Times
Neighborhood Joint | Williamsburg

Beer, Tattoos and Flash of Flamenco

On most nights, St. Mazie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, may be just like the other stylish bars nearby, but on Friday nights, flamenco dancers in ruffled dresses and dangerous heels take over.

The Week in Pictures for March 1

Here is a slide show of photographs from the past week in New York City and the region. Subjects include a gun rally in Albany; a demolished home in Roxbury, Queens; and a flash mob in Times Square.

Fairway Market Reopens in Brooklyn

The scene in Red Hook as a neighborhood anchor welcomed customers for the first time since Hurricane Sandy.

Picturing Life in Public Housing

A photographer from Lisbon was shocked by the conditions in which people were living, in the South Bronx, on the Lower East Side and in Harlem.

New York Panorama

Every Sunday in the Metropolitan section, a photographer offers a new slice of New York.

Local Stop: NoMad

NoMad, a new name for the area north of Madison Square, seems perpetually in transition.

Circus Arts, for the Stage

For nearly 50 years, Hovey Burgess has been teaching circus techniques to acting students at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Neighborhood Joint: The End of History

The End of History, a West Village shop, lures interior designers and international visitors.

Around New York
The Hunt

A Just-So Apartment in a Just-So Building

Alex Disbrow wanted to live in a certain building on Pelham Parkway North.

Hungry City | Bear

Finding Refuge From Winter’s Pursuit

At Bear in Long Island City, the palette of flavors is distinctly Eastern European. This is food for cold weather.

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