Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh

Honored to participate in Wanderlust VT for the third year in a row, Tim is an inspiring educator and life coach who specializes in guiding people through the external and internal wilderness. As an expedition leader, addictions expert and spiritual seeker he has created and lead workshops and programs for those seeking purpose and spiritual development for over 20 years.

Tim has studied various wisdom traditions and received healing rites and practical tools from elders and practitioners from both Western and Eastern disciplines. With a deep reverence for indigenous ceremony and ritual, Tim offers a tailored approach to personal transformative process.

Join Tim for "Overcoming Obstacles- over, under, around and through!"

This experience will be offered in two time slots with distinctly different approaches:

On Friday from 2:00 to 3:30 we will ride the Gondola to the summit and from there enjoy a short walk along one of the ski trails toward views of the north and east. Here we will embark on a guided journey meditation and share in fire ceremony to release old wounds and make space for healing for ourselves, our relations and all beings. Participants may then choose to ride the Gondola back in time for 4:00 programming or enjoy a longer walk down the mountain on their own.

On Saturday from 4:00 until Sunset/Moonrise we will enjoy a more rigorous experience as we journey upward toward the summit on foot. We will hike, scramble, bushwhack and be still- heightening our senses and becoming more aware of our bodies and spirits in nature. Close to the summit we will share the same journey meditation and fire ceremony- releasing that which no longer serves us all while celebrating the Solstice and singing-in the swelling Full Moon!

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